About RaBe

Radio Bern RaBe is the only non-commerical, cultural community radio station in Bern, Switzerland.

What do we Broadcast?

Lots of music – from independent rock to dubstep, from rap to bluegrass, from reggae to techno, from classic to blues, from jazz to metal – everything you normally do not hear on mainstream radio stations. There is a daily news magazine, which gives people a voice who are often ignored by big media corprorations. There are several cultural and political shows – produced by volunteers from all over the world in many different languages. RaBe regularly boradcasts live concerts, festivals, theater and comedy performances. Without commercials!

What ARE our goals?

  • A diverse and extraordinary set of shows
  • Listeners that identify themselves with our community radio station
  • Providing an easy way to step into the world of community radio
  • Educating talents in the areas of journalism, culture, music and media
  • A place for the expression of culture and art
  • A place for members of the political, social and migrant community

Who are we?

Bernese and globale citizens from all over the world.

Who are our listeners?

Bernese and global citizens all over the world.

How are we funded?

Our commerial-free, non-profit radio is financed by members and supporters of Verein Radio Bern, by donations, by sponsoring and by public media funding.

How can you support Rabe?

  • By telling your friends about Radio RaBe.
  • By becoming a member of Radio RaBe.
  • By producing your own show on Radio RaBe.
  • By sending us feedbacks on our shows or interacting on our social media channels.
  • By supporting Radio RaBe through donations, sponsoring or volunteering your time.

If you want to get in touch with RaBe send us an E-Mail.