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„Working hard to make reality a lot less painful“, the Blues Zeppelin airs on Sunday afternoons from 15h00- 17h00 CET on Radio Bern (RaBe), Bern’s alternative radio.

Hosted by Mark Stenzler, the Blues Zeppelin, which has been part of the Swiss radio landscape since 1989, features an eclectic mix of blues, zydeco, folk and world music. In addition, a wide range of musicians, artists and writers have been guests on the program.

Blues Zeppelin can be heard on the following radio stations:

Radio Bern (RaBe) in Berne, Switzerland
Radio LoRa in Zurich, Switzerland
Diis Radio in Canton Valais, Switzerland
WRFI Community Radio in Ithaca, NY / Watkins Glen, NY (USA)

CJRO Community Radio in Carlsbad Springs ON / Vars ON (Ottawa CAN)

Mark Stenzler, native NYer and former radio pirate (Radio Free Ithaca), has been an avid radio broadcaster on both sides of the Atlantic since 1978. He came to Switzerland in the 1980s as a physics researcher at CERN.

Blues Zeppelin podcasts can be found HERE.

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Blues Zeppelin Presents Morgan Davis at Mahogany Hall am Freitag 11. Mai 2018

Der preisgekrönte kanadische Musiker präsentiert  uns mit Elektrogitarre, Slide Gitarre und 3 Cigar Box Gitarren sein grosses Blues-Repertoire von den Anfängen mit Charley Patton, Robert Johnson, Son House, Willie Brown über Lightnin’ Hopkins, John Lee Hooker bis Muddy Waters und Jimmy Reed.

The award-winning canadian artist, Morgan Davis,  will perform with electric guitar, slide guitar and 3 string cigar-box guitars, a wide repertoire of blues from Charley Patton, Robert Johnson, Son House and Willie Brown to Lightnin’ Hopkins, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters and Jimmy Reed. So you will enjoy a performance of various blues styles.

More Infos:

Guy Davis on Blues Zeppelin

Bluesman, storyteller and activist, Guy Davis will be flying on Blues Zeppelin.  He was performing in Bern at Marians Jazzroom as part of the 46. International Jazzfestival Bern 2021. So 17. Oktober 2021 ab 15:00 CET